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“The Lord will give you an instruction, a direction on what to do,” Pastor Chris says concerning April 2019.

The man of God, Pastor Chris, began by reading John 8:12, which says “When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life!”” These words foreshadowed the inspiration of the Holy Spirit concerning the month, as the President went on to announce that April 2019 is the Month of Direction!

Direction provides you guidance, counsel, focus, course and instruction. Things with respect to your future. There are things the Lord will be guiding you about in the future, next few months and years. Moses received instructions from God – for the next 40 years His life would be based on that encounter. The angels of God will be all out ministering as God leads. Daniel receives information from the angel of God about the future things to come.

You are in a very special time where God will be giving you guidance, counsel, focus and instruction telling you what to do about what. Your life goes in that direction where in spite of all or the rocks ahead you’ll always win.

Pray a lot in the Spirit so you can receive the knowledge and understanding. This should be your normal life; Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to teach, lead and guide you. You’ll not walk in darkness about anything. If you want to know something about anything pray in tongues and information from the Spirit will come to you. Don’t pray like you don’t know the will of God. Pray with direction. When things confront you instead of praying like you don’t know the will of God. Pray with direction in line with God’s will or purpose.

You have to know in your Spirit whether to pray this way or that. The Holy Spirit is there to help you. Pray with a sincere heart and the Lord will respond to you accordingly.

The thing with some people is that they aren’t listening for the answers when they pray, rather, they already have the answers they want. The Bible says about God that, “…to the pure, He is pure.”

If you play hide and seek with God, He will play it with you. He did with Adam, when He was standing with Adam and asking him where he was . But if you’re honest about the answers that you want, He will be quick to give you answers.

Don’t carry pain or stress in your life that you have no business carrying. When you do so, you’re only going to destroy your life. Don’t do the things you know are wrong. Children eat various foods at different stages of their lives.

You don’t expect to eat just anything and not have issues in your body. Even though the word of God says you can eat anything but you’re not at that stage where you can eat everything. At certain stages of life, there are different diets for a child. The newborn baby starts with liquid and gradually grows into eating solid foods.

Don’t allow anything to stress your life. You can carry bitterness in your life and it’s killing you and you don’t know what the problem is with you. Bitterness can cause cancer and migraine headaches, etc.

Trust God and serve Him with your heart plainly and put away selfish desires, you’ll be amazed… And then shall your health spring forth, and you’ll be healthy and sound. Pray in tongues and God will direct you

If you’ve been going through difficulties, pray in tongues; and have your writing materials with you because God will give you answers as you pray and lead you to do the right things – the right thing will not bring dishonor, hatred, confusion. It will propel you into a glorious future

God bless You.

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